What’s involved?

Please complete the form below and upload the documents required in support of your application. (The documents will be used solely for application processing purposes and will never be shared outside of the NACFB). If applying for membership as a firm please enter the individual details for the key contact within your firm. Further individuals can be added once this form is completed. The documents you will need to have ready for your application are:
  1. Photo ID, proof of address and CV for the first individual applicant
  2. FCA licence number
  3. PDF copy of professional indemnity insurance certificate
  4. Data protection licence number
  5. Three offers of loans from commercial lenders*
  6. Two lender references*

[* members who are not able to provide these items can apply to be Associate Members (a restricted membership) and will have 12 months to provide these and convert to full membership]

Corporate Data

Upon successful application, we will share your corporate data with our panel of lenders. Please make sure that all data entered on this application is corporate and not personal. By completing an application form, you confirm that the data can be used in this way and is corporate only.

How much will it cost?

The subscription for a Member Firm is £65.00/ month (£780 per annum), plus £22.50/ month (£270 per annum) for each Registered Individual (RI). 

Fees are billed monthly by direct debit.  

Create an Account

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